Closer college collaboration - the benefits

Aside from the advantages to students, there are other significant benefits to the collaboration between the colleges which include:

  • data sharing and joint analysis of Local Market Information to further improve approaches to new developments, particularly in response to skills supply and skills demand

  • quicker identification of gaps in provision, specialisms and the avoidance of unnecessary duplication 

  • more innovative approaches to curriculum planning, design and delivery across the region

  • exploration of new models of delivery (including virtual and employer contracted) 

  • stronger customer relationship management for the employers we work with

  • strategic joint marketing and closer alignment to the region’s priorities and presentation of the colleges’ offer in one place 

  • improved communication of the technical and professional education offer and clearer branding of the further education sector

  • shared public relations campaigns and guidance about key educational changes and initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Employer Levy, Advanced Learner Loans and funding

  • collaborative quality improvement strategies, planning and support

  • good practice sharing and continuous professional development, sustaining quality 

  • increased capacity, flexibility and supportive approaches to respond to employer needs

  • more effective and efficient procurement, particularly at a local and regional level

  • exploration of wider opportunities for shared services and improving value for money

  • an increased level of joint bidding to expand valued local activity, delivery and curriculum development.